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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 30, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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it's september 29th. time for great viral videos, "right this minute." a cop follows a woman slumped over the driver's seat. he also notices a child in the back seat. see the extreme measures to save lives and stop a runaway car. >> it may not look like other babies but this family -- >> is absolutely happy they had the little boy. >> a story of a newborn old beyond his years. >> we got a little ban did here. >> two raccoons are busted in the bin. >> all right. hang on, guys. there's three of you. >> how a hero helped them help themselves. plus, bonus give away day means your chance to win a new
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we break down the best on the web including a workout wonder -- >> she's pregnant with twins. >> the mommy video that's awe inspiring. >> when the birth comes she's going to squat, there's one, and then another. >> we're done. >> this is pretty incredible. >> slow-speed chase from a dash cam police video following that white car. you can clearly see this thing over the road. that's -- the police constable danny patton got that call, raced to the scene. the car refuses to stop despite the sirens. this isn't a criminal behind the wheel. the officer pulls up next to the vehicle, looks over and notices the driver unconscious. a woman. he also notices a child in the
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is about 27 miles ahead. office patterson decides he needs to take measures into his own hands. so he races ahead of the vehicle here. and he begins to ram it. officer patterson is trying to pin that vehicle between his police car and the guardrail on the side. he knows this could be deadly, but he decided to take the risk anyway. >> oh, man, come on. >> doesn't work the first few times. one last chance at this. and you see that speed limit and you see that mile per hour indicator at the bottom go down to zero. >> is she on meds or something? >> it wasn't meds, but a little bit of a sugar. this is a diabetic coma. when the officers showed up on the scene, they got a piece of chocolate from a guy's lunch, they gave it to her and she came to. this happened way back in april, however, officer patterson received commendation for his
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situation for 23 years and this is first time she's ever had a situation like this. the family in bangladesh is very excited because they finally had a baby boy. but their baby boy is capturing lots of attention because he suffers from progeria. it's like a benjamin buttons. it stars brad pitt, where a little boy is born and looks like a very old man. that's what the genetic disorder does. it makes the babies like they're already old, but the family is happy that they have the little boy. they said, lots of people are coming to visit because he's drawn so much interest. but they say they just hope that he grows up to be healthy. >> well, that's the question. you know, is it literally just going to affect how he looks or is it going to affect his
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>> i believe it will affect his quality of life eventually because the life expectancy for a child who has this is 12 to 13 years although there are cases of people living longer than that. the doctors say there's nothing they can do right now, and later on, the kids develop the hardening of the arteries and heart disease which commonly happens to those who are 50 or >> it is a genetic disorder. it is when one protein does. work properly, that builds up, it causes this to happen. it is rare, but it is not something that is passed on. about 100 of them. we have seen many of these. very up to date, because he's got himself the iphone 7 and a hundred of these lightning bugs. oh, my goodness.
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is they're go to for internet reasons wrap 100 pairs of these headphones around a brand-new iphone 7. now, it sounds reasonable to you. $3,000 worth of head phones. for everything they destroy they donate to unicef. over $3,000 donated to unicef to make this video. >> it's worth it, because unicef is a worthy cause. >> so wrap they end one a gigantic bowl of this. >> what do you recommend i do with this? >> smash it. they'll try. >> i thought they'd press play and see how it sounds. >> nope, they're going to chuck it off a building. that's what people do on the internet. >> should i drop it? >> they drop it a second time, the third time it ends up on the roof. >> i bet it still works.
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>> i really thought that with all that plastic wrapping would protect it. >> because it was wrapped so tightly -- >> yeah. >> but because they can't break the iphone 7 like they promised they'll donate to unicef. an extra $750. >> cool. okay. abc 7 in new york city just won a flat give away. keep watching, you can win too. this is bonus give away day so you can win a flat screen. yep. to enter you need thursday's buzz word. be at least 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up. >> stand by for the "rtm" miniipod give away. every now and then we run across videos that don't need help with the narration. this is one of them. >> so we had a little bandit
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oh, there's two of you in here. all right. hang on guys. oh, there's three of you. there's three you have today. all right, you little bandits. here's a stick. i want you to climb on this. oh, he took it from me. all right. >> look at how it crawls up his hands. he's like, thanks. >> you're cool too. everybody out of the pool. where's the little one? come on. you're good. you're good. all right. that's everybody. my good deed for nature. >> no, you were trained by raccoons. >> super cute. >> what's up? >> oh, it's a dark koala. >> it's stuck on the fence. >> oh.
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>> well, it's clearly obvious i have a preference for koalas over raccoons. here comes mom. here's making that little noise. the one you just made. >> and this is -- it's ridiculous. mom climbs up. baby is like, all right, here we go, on the back. >> aw. >> back down. all right. a mother's work is never done. let's go. today's videos, a motorcyclist went up, now on his way down. see what happens when his smooth ride gets rocky. ow. >> it's a times square proposal that couldn't be more perfect. >> yes, yes. >> find out why this romantic moment comes with an unexpected twist. >> oh, no. that looks like a scene out of a
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even a beautiful smile can have germs that cause bad breath, gingivitis and plaque. act? advanced kills 99% of these germs. act? advanced. this guy, he's got a powerful sport bike. coming up on the left -- >> whoa. >> [ bleep ]. o >> how freaking -- >> it was slow, but most people get into accidents at the turn. >> the guy describes it wasn't his bike and he said he just lost control. there was a throttle lock or throttle stick on the right-hand side. he believes that may have gotten in the way. however, i believe there was an
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it had abs. that's why the bike continued to ride. i believe you grab the clutch, disengage the engine, there you go. i could be wrong on that. the guy fell into the landscaping ditch next to the house. next incident, a small group of riders said he had been on this road once, he went up, on his way down. oh, dear. >> oh. >> what happened? big ow. goes in a little corner, gets up on to that guardrail. he basically rides right up here. here comes the nasty part, as he comes back down into the ground, he hits into the boulders on the side of the road. the guy ended up with a shattered humerus, six fractures on four ribs, two fractured back
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people avoid these types of things. be careful. know your limits. are you in the mood for love? you'll see what i mean. because it's important. >> oh, the proposal roads lead to times square in new york. the most romantic place in the world. >> as you can see here, whispering sweet nothings. looking up at his adoringly. then suddenly, he pops the question. >> oh! >> oh, the new york crowd goes wild. yes, yes. he picks her up in her arms, swings her and in a circle and kisses her deeply because they will be together forever. right? >> yeah. >> this seems like a perfect proposal. >> you can't trust anything you see on the internet. but the story behind it is much more interesting.
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movie. >> we go back to the beginning of the video. we get the story. >> a few months ago, brad and i were in times square, new york city. we were sitting on the steps and there was a girl sitting behind me. she was beautiful. i turn around and i started a conversation with her. >> hey, why not? >> yeah. >> chat her up. >> she was from the ukraine. she had gotten to the states from that night. >> she made a bet. >> i bet i can make you remember me forever. i whispered a sweet nothing to her, i flipped t i was talking to her and i proposed to her. >> that's the video we're watching in times square picks up. >> she started bawling and she said yes. >> then he picked her up. >> there were 600 people applauding and congratulations and -- >> so how long did this engagement, this marriage last? >> two minutes. >> kissed her on the cheek, i told you so, walked away. >> that was it. >> it's true. no! >> yes.
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in front of all the people -- >> think of the story. just like he bet. you'll never forget it. >> i love it. this guy did such a crazy, quirky thing on the spot. i loved as she went along with it. >> stick a blank canvas on the commuter train, what do you get? >> get creative. >> next on "right this minute." and time to spice things up with >> people like hot wings. >> these are going to be so hot. >> see what happens when his buddy gets burned. >> oh! oh, man. plus it's bonus give away day. don't miss thursday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. thinking about what to avoid,
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dry mouth. if you can't shut down at bedtime... you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. i've got a bird's-eye view of a golf course in singapore. these two birds are not happy with this pair of golfers because they believe the golf ball belongs to them. to them it looks like an egg. >> this is one of the cases you don't want to birdie on this hole. >> not at all. no matter how long you sit on that ball, it's not going to hatch. >> they don't know that. all they know is instinct. all they know is to protect the egg at all costs. >> they're going to be traumatized when he finally does drill that down the fairway.
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>> well, that wasn't a very peaceful day at the golf course for the two guys but this pair has a much easier time. this thing is called the one wheel. it's a skateboard style, but instead of wheels it has one tire and you balance on it, off you'll go. >> you'll be kicked off the golf course in no time. >> think about it. it has the wide wheels. it won't dig into the fairways so they should be able to g leave any trace behind. a fun way to get around the course. i like the idea. >> i'm thinking of people like who have -- like you who are like, yeah, buddy. >> definitely. it's true. >> he goes by the name of -- on youtube. he's going to play a pretty big prank on his buddy.
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hottest hot sauce. >> this is straight out of hell. this is five scorpions from trinidad per bottle. >> kind of hot. >> i'm about to put this on some wings i bought for him. >> pay back time. >> [ bleep ] put a spider on me a couple of days ago. it's pay back. >> he's going to pour generously this hot. >> people like hot wings. >> these are going to be so hot. >> operation make [ bleep ] burn. >> he's going to get home, like, hey, buddy, i got you some wings. he takes that bite, starts chewing. he's thinking oh, these wings are good. then -- >> oh, oh. [ laughter ] >> pay back is a [ bleep ]. >> his friend is choking on the wing and coughing his lungs up, he --
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>> oh, man. >> you said you wanted it hot? >> immediately he turns the color of his shirt. starts coughing. gagging. >> come on. it's not that hot. it ain't that hot, man. >> yeah. it is. >> say hi to the world's hottest hot >> got any -- >> it's making my cry. burning. coming out of everywhere. >> you mess with me, you get burned. it's time to give away another ipad mini. you need the buzz word and you need to be at least 21 years old and be a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> enter the buzz word on twitter, facebook or both. you can enter each every day. >> the buzz word is point.
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enter the buzz word. point. >> you'll want to enter today because this is bonus give away day. two winners will win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. this mama may be pregnant --
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3:56 am or check it out on the mobile app. >> next how to make a chocolate bowl. >> dip the balloon in the chocolate and chill it. that's crazy. [ barking ] ?? [ barking ] mama isn't taking any days
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>> oh, my gosh. >> how is that for a hand stand? this is at 30 weeks pregnant. >> no. >> she can do a head stand with three -- >> the kid is like what? >> check this out. >> this is great. because it's only going to help the core muscles that are essential in birth. >> she is already the mother of two and she's pregnant with twins. >> what? >> and if it makes difference, she is a yoga instructor and fitness personal trainer. >> that makes a difference. sure does. >> as you go through her instagram page, yoga class for you. you see that this woman is lentless. and we saw this video at 36 weeks pregnant. several of my friend had reposted it. she's due in october, she's squatting it out. i was doing squats this morning crying. most of the commentary when you
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negative to say -- i say -- >> because medically, some doctors have said this is not a problem. it's fine. the baby -- in fact, it will probably assist her in having a very healthy delivery. >> going to feel like a wild woman when the kids are out of her. >> oh, yeah. thanks for hanging out us with it today. we appreciate it. there's lots more fresh viral videos on right this
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. now at 4:00, a 3-year-old boy is hospitalized. his own uncle involved in a brutal attack. the 911 call that has police fearing the worse. a woman sexually assaulted in a jamaica plains neighborhood. the clues being made of who is responsible. a deadly train crash in investigators dig ing into the wreckage late into the night. good morning, it is 4 a.m. on this friday. we made it to friday, september 30, the last of the day month. good morning to you, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. you can dmiv that candy corn without too much skill because we are moving into october. we are here to start off dry but don't get too comfortable. shiri spear is in the storm


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